Holly Grove Christmas Movie Being Filmed in Wrentham, MA

proctor_mansionThis is pretty exciting!

An independent holiday movie is being filmed on location in Massachusetts right now. It’s reportedly called Holly Grove and a good part of the film will take place at Proctor Mansion which happens to be a very pretty inn in Wrentham, MA. It hasn’t stopped snowing in my state for pretty much the last 3 weeks so I can assure you all that if the production company was hoping for sparkling snowscapes they’ll have more than enough fluffy white stuff to use as a festive backdrop. Need proof? Here are a couple of shots from the inn’s Facebook page.

According to The Wrentham Times, the synopsis for the film is as follows: Holly Grove tells the story of a female attorney from the city who goes to a small town to finalize the estate of the owner of Holly Grove Inn, which in the film is the Proctor Mansion. Set right during the Christmas season, the attorney discovers the Inn is haunted by a man who died in the early 1900s and returns every year before Christmas.

If I learn anymore details about the movie I’ll let you know.

Image via www.proctormansioninn.com


  1. Marcy says:

    Loved the movie and absolutely ADORE Jen Lilley!!

    I have now watched this movie twice and have it in my video library.

    Recommend it with 5 stars!!!

  2. Donna Staton says:

    I just finished watching the movie. It makes me want to go there and find me a ghost to love thank u fire such a wonderful movie.

  3. Holli says:

    The movie is fantastic! I have watched several times and it is one of my “classic Christmas” movies that I watch over and over! Now I want to go see what the Inn (Proctor Mansion) looks like in person. The guy who plays Daniel is one of the best actors, as well as the rest of the cast. Not to mention he is easy on the eyes. It was a magical movie and setting. My name is Holli so I find it fitting that I love this so much!

  4. Schotzy says:

    Loved the movie so much and was extremely ecstatic when I was visiting family in MA, my daughter drove me to Wrentham to actually see the Mansion. Lovely town, and like others who have shared
    I’ve watched the movie several times.

  5. Suzanne Hendrix says:

    Ditto on watching it several times. Handsome leading man & I think Jen Lilley is fantastic. I love romantic ghost stories and Christmas romance stories! Put them together and what do you have? A great romance story! Loved it!

  6. LaVerne Flick says:

    I love Christmas movies and I can say without a doubt this one is my all time favorite. I’ve been laid up with hip surgery and found this movie. I have now watched way over 100 times. Fantastic actors and a beautiful story. I hope to visit the mansion where this was made some day.Congratulations to all the actors who made this wonderful movie.

  7. Gabriela says:

    Wow, I love this movie “The Spirit of Christmas” ?✨ The couple, Thomas Beaudoin and Jen Lilley they are the best actor and actress.
    Kisses from Argentina ?? ?♥

  8. Shirley Ennis says:

    I really love, love this movie. I’ve watched it time and time again. I wander if it really is haunted? Or how they came about the story line? I wish they would make a sequel to the move.

  9. Miriam Timmons says:

    I love the movie also. Fantastical nonsense, but I’m a sucker for a love story! Thomas Beaudoin is also in Love On The Slopes, which I love. Wish I could visit this inn. I’m in Southern MS surrounded by antebellum mansions. One such mansion, Dunleith, was just bought by a company from New Orleans, LA.

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