Freeform Hides Your Favorite Christmas Movies at Midnight


The Freeform channel used to be ABC Family. In the past ABC Family always had a decent “25 Days of Christmas” schedule, but with their rebranding things are looking a little strange this year. The most glaring oddity being the banishment of essentially all of their prior original content movies. If the listings on their website are correct, then titles like Snowglobe, The 12 Dates of Christmas, Santa Baby, Three Days, Holiday in Handcuffs, Christmas Cupid etc… have all been scheduled to air at midnight or other weird times in December. Are these movies too “adult” for Freeform? I kind of find that hard to believe since their highest rated show is Pretty Little Liars. Are they too outdated? Hmm…


Holiday in Handcuffs Removed from Netflix

holiday_in_handcuffsI realized yesterday that one of my favorite made-for-tv movies has been removed from Netflix. That’s right folks, Holiday in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan Hart and a shirtless Mario Lopez has been stricken from all of our queues. Thankfully I have a DVD version of the movie — yes, that’s how much I like it, but I’m seriously going to miss being able to just turn it on whenever I feel like it. It’s actually one of my favorite things to watch when I have insomnia. Of course, Holiday and Handcuffs wasn’t the only ABC Family festive flick to get the boot. Snowglobe, Snow, and Christmas Cupid are also noticeably absent from the service as of January 29th, 2015. At least we still have Amy Acker’s Dear Santa to cheer us up… for now.