Just in Time for Christmas Earns a Spot in my Annual Rotation

Last night I Finally watched a Hallmark movie that didn’t make me cringe or roll my eyes. So much of the made for TV slate this season has been almost unwatchable. The sets look shabby, the decorations cheap or sparse, scenes that are supposed to be parties with just a handful of extras milling about. Not to mention the plots being a great big yawn. I watch these types of movies because I’m looking for that magical, escapist, Christmas wonderland look and feel and Just in Time for Christmas (ignore the really lame title) gave me that happy, bubbly, razzle dazzle I’ve been waiting for.

Of course it helped immensely that there was such a strong and quirky cast including Christopher Lloyd as the main character’s grandfather and William Shatner as a coachman meets fairy godmother hybrid. Eloise Mumford (you might recognize her as Kate from Fifty Shades of Grey) is absolutely adorable as the kind, super smart, and stylish psychology adjunct trying to decide between her fabulous hipster coffee shop owning boyfriend and a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a tenure track position at Yale. I’m now seriously obsessed with her hair. This is extremely superficial of me but true.


The premise may sound a bit done to death but I really like movies and tv shows where people get to explore their regrets or the path not taken (like Being Erica or The Family Man) so I loved the story and was actually really sad when it ended. Plus the set decorations were excellent. They’re really elaborate and gorgeous, and most definitely professionally styled. It was just what I was hoping for! So far this is the best one of the year.